Air And Oil Filters
Waxes, engine oil
Anti-scratch finishes
Car wax
Air purifiers
Catalysts to improve fuel consumption




Organic Light Emitting
Diodes (OLED) and LEDs
Data memory
Anti-bacterial and antistatic coatings on keyboards,mouse,cell phone
DVD coatings
Computer processors and chips

Clothing and Textiles

Wrinkle and stain resistant apparel
Anti-bacterial and anti odour clothing
Anti-bacterial fabrics UV resistant and protective clothing
Flame retardant febrics





Food,Food Additives and Food Packaging

Energy drinks
Nutritional suspplements
Food storage containers
Anti-bacterial utensils
Cutting wrap
Food packaging
Nano-Tea, chocolate snakes, canola active oil



  Skin creams and moisturizers
Lipstick, mascara, make-up foundation
Make up removel







Anti-bacterial furniture and mattresses
Anti-bacterial coatings in appliances
Air purifiers
Self cleaning glass
Anti-bacterial, UV resistant paints
Solar cells
Cleaning products
Disinfectant sprays

Personal Care/Health

Hearing aids
Contact lenses
Body wash
Cellulite treatment
Shampoos, hair gels
Insect repellents
Anti-bacterial creams
Home pregnancy test
Drug delivery patches

Sports Equipment

Golf balls and clubs
Tennis rackets and balls
Baseball bats
Hockey sticks
Skis and snowboards
Ski wax
Bicycle parts
Wet suits
Shoe insoles
Anti fogging coatings

Toys and Children’s Goods

Stain resistant plush toys
Anti-bacterial baby pacifiers, mugs, and bottles
X-boxes and play stations
Anti-bacterial stuffed toys